Hey lovely followers. I’m actually in a big discuss with myself, for telling the truth it’s been a long time that it’s in my mind now and i’m thinking to consider it.. closing swanepoelnation. Why ? it’s not about Candice, AT ALL, i’m still a  big follower of her and i check her news EVERYDAY. so what ? surfing on the net i saw a lots of people who’s taking my edit and post as theirs, it’s irrespect for me, as well on tumblr AND instagram and so.. no credit, not even a little world when they had compliment for something they didn’t make. I’m not the kind of person who’s taking it seriously because it’s not of my age but see that almost everyday bored me so now, i’m asking myself why i should continue to make edit, it’s not interesting at all anymore, i liked it before because i liked shared my work, my love for candice and i loved discuss with you guys, but now people only ask for manip or publicite their tumblr and all my work got stolen and reappropriate by people i don’t even know. so yeah. That said, swanepoelnation is in a temporary hiatus, i give myself a few time to think about it.